Kalari organises Best Practice forum at annual Safety Summit

Date: 16-Jan-2014

As part of Kalari's uncompromising dedication to safety performance, Kalari organises an annual Safety Summit, at which safety performance is reviewed, new initiatives are presented and ideas are shared.

The latest Summit, which took place late last year, Kalari team members from all over the country were offered the opportunity to present best practice initiatives.

Glenn Dunn, Operations Manager Ceduna, SA, identified the benefits of conducting a ‘mock’ incident response drill

Damian Vincent, HSSE Advisor, discussed initiatives to reduce/eliminate property damage incidents

Alan Evans, Operations Manager Moura, Qld, shared with the group a modification put in place to reduce manual handling

Kylie Hicks, HSSE Advisor, discussed an initiative implemented in the workshops to address safety concerns around working around service pits.

Rob Williams, Operations Manager Moranbah, Qld, spoke of an innovative ammonium nitrate emulsion loading techniques

Wally Bruce, Operations Supervisor, Wayne Jasper, HSSE Advisor, and Simon Hyatt, Operations Supervisor, presented mobile traffic signage, better communication mechanisms, traffic management, 3H’s tags (Hatches, Handrails and Hoses) and Personal Safety Tags designed to reduce risk and improve communication.

Tim Walkom, Workshop Manager Portland, Vic,  shared how they identified an issue with providing task lighting while under a truck

Mark Koczorowski, Maintenance Manager Moura/Moranbah, Qld, discussed a “Bump” cap is now a requirement when working in any pit. This initiative has been rolled out across all Kalari workshops.

Dave Shaw, Regional Maintenance Manager identified what initiatives were being used within Kalari to improve the life of tyres in the fleet.

Andrew Bowey, Workshop Manager Ceduna, Vic, explained to the group how a new electronic wheel nut tensioner works and the benefits in relation to preventing incidents and also in reducing manual handling issues within the workshops.

Darren Roll, Workshop Manager Adelaide, SA, discussed initiatives implemented in dealing with working at height and maintaining 3 points of contact.

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Andrew Bowey and Glenn Dunn Kylie Hicks, Alan Evans and Rob Williams Wayne Jasper and Wally Bruce Simon Hyatt Tim Walkom Mark Koczorowski Darren Roll