Kalari contributes to safer swimming in Ceduna, South Australia

Date: 8-Aug-2014

We are pleased to announce we donated $20,000 towards the development of a swimming enclosure in Ceduna, South Australia.

On 14 May 2014, Regional Manager Craig Dickason, General Manager Leigh Barry, Operations Manager Glenn Dunn and Managing Director Peter O’Shannessy presented the cheque to Ken McCarthy, committee member of the Safe Swimming Enclosure. The donation provides a fundraising boost for the development of a swimming enclosure to be installed at the end of the Ceduna jetty. Ken said it was extremely generous of Kalari to support the local community in such a way.
Fellow committee member Melva Blumson said Kalari’s contribution was excellent and is hoping for work on the enclosure to begin shortly. “We certainly hope construction will begin within a season,” she said.
Peter O’Shannessy said: “This is the type of initiative we want to support, as it’s a great application for kids and others in the community. It would be fantastic to see a safe swimming enclosure in Ceduna and we are very pleased to play a part in achieving this.”

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