Brake testers fitted in Adelaide, Portland and Moranbah

At Kalari, we are dedicated to full compliance and creating a safe work environment for our people, and continuously introduce initiatives that contribute to this. We recently installed brake testers and shakers in our Adelaide, Portland and Moranbah workshops.

This device has the ability to comprehensively test both the park brake and service brakes on any of our vehicles. The hydraulically operated shaker plates allow for under-carriage inspection on a fully laden vehicle. The tester enables operators to diagnose and inspect major steering and suspension components that can otherwise not be easily tested (e.g. king pins, bearings, suspension bushing, cab mounts and undercarriage components).
The benefits of these automated testing devices are they:
  • Ensure 100 per cent compliance across all state and national regulations for all tested vehicles
  • Can be adjusted to cater for any changes in state compliance regulations
  • Have the ability to identify defects (or potential defects) that are impossible to pick up during a normal brake service performed by workshop mechanics (e.g. mechanics normally perform an adjustment-only process that does not actually test for brake performance)
  • Provide computer-diagnosed results that are transmitted to an operating system that enables our mechanics to quickly respond to any defects
  • Require less physical contact with the vehicle undercarriage which reduces the risk of workshop incidents.

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