New pavers for Banana State School

Date: 26-Mar-2013

Late last year, the Kalari in the Community Panel met to review the latest round of nominations seeking project support. A range of interesting projects were submitted for consideration. The paving project of the Banana State School was successful in securing Kalari funding to lay used pavers in their school grounds to improve student safety, particularly in wet weather. The Banana State School is located in Banana, a small town situated approximately 150 km south west of Rockhampton and 150 km west of Gladstone in central Queensland.

After some initial delays due to bad weather, the paving has been completed. The students are now able to access their eating area without having to walk through mud in wet weather. The area is also used for school parades and welcoming visitors on special occasions.

Banana State School Principal Elaine Pelling stated “Banana State School is a small rural school with limited funding. The financial support given by Kalari has improved the sustainability of our school environment for future generations and enabled us to effectively complete a valuable recycling project.”

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