Truck Awareness Program at Moura High School

Date: 26-Mar-2013

In November 2012, Kalari organised a truck safety awareness session with year 12-students at Moura High School in Queensland. Moura High Senior School Coordinators Norah Parsons and Natalie Jounquay agreed that road safety, especially around trucks, is an important topic as every road leading into and out of Moura is a truck route.

Dash-cam footage gave the students insight into how to handle a road train while dealing with poor behaviour on the road. Sgt. Paul Chiles of the Moura Police Department encouraged reporting on-road bullying and outlined the process following such a complaint. As always, the Kalari Driver Simulator was brought to the event and used to run the students through purpose-designed simulations.

The program proved an enormous success. Moura High Principal Gary Goltz insisted Kalari return next year. He stated: “The information that you present is critical for our students to get an honest, ‘real’ view of situations that they may face in the years ahead. Without this type of community support our students would not be of the quality that they are.”

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