Meeting customers’ needs

Our customers are assured that our services are optimised to meet their needs. Kalari has a strong focus on safety, compliance assurance, people and leadership, operational excellence, customer engagement and sustainability.

Managing accreditations and requirements

Kalari operates a comprehensive documented Integrated Management System which has been developed and implemented as a complete management system. This system addresses Kalari’s:

  • NHVR – National Heavy Vehicle Accreditations (NHVAS) for Mass, Maintenance and Fatigue
  • WA Mainroads, Heavy Vehicle, Fatigue and Maintenance Accreditation
  • AS NZS/ISO 9001
  • Chain of Responsibility (COR)
  • OHS&E
  • SSAN
  • operational, and
  • client requirements.

The system is independently audited and also includes policies, procedures, work instructions, SOPs, training, HSSE plans and journey management plans.