On Wednesday 27 August Swire subsidiary Kalari officially opened its new depot in Moranbah, Queensland. The occasion was celebrated at an official opening ceremony, attended by a range of guests and the John Swire & Sons Pty Ltd board. A commemorative plaque was unveiled by board Director Sam Swire.

Managing Director Peter O’Shannessy and John Swire & Sons Pty Ltd Chairman and CEO Bill Rothery presented at the event. Bill expressed his thanks to everyone involved in the Moranbah business for their hard work and dedication and shared his view on future activities in the region.

“To all of you, thank you for getting us to this point, good luck with the future, and I am sure we will continue to expand.”

The new depot has been built from the ground up and features innovative features such as integrated jacks in the pits, which are also equipped with hydraulic pit barriers that can be raised when not in use. The depot also has a full-length wash bay which is connected with two water tanks and a water recycling system that filters and reuses drain water up to four times, minimising water usage.

Kalari provides bulk logistics services to the in the region and the new Moranbah depot is a long-term investment. The company is committed to maintaining a strong presence in the region, both as a high-quality service provider and employer.