Kalari is committed to providing a safe and incident free workplace. We are continually working to eliminate hazards and recognise fatigue as being an important area of focus. We believe it is the responsibility of the team as a whole to be able to recognise the signs of fatigue and take action in order to avoid injury.

Kalari has been taking a continuous improvement approach to its safety program, holding face-to-face safety days with employees around the country over the past 12 months. Ethos Health CEO and Fatigue Consultant Dr Trent Watson has attended each session to help equip teams with the tools to carry out a personal fatigue risk assessment and to recognise and manage fatigue of colleagues.

During these sessions, teams received fatigue first aid, shared action and drafted a Fatigue Charter, which sets out how an individual and their workmates ensure that appropriate steps are taken where someone reports or is observed to be fatigued at work.

Kalari has also made a significant investment in the fatigue management of heavy vehicle operators, installing Guardian technology across the fleet. This proactive technology is being used to help tackle driver fatigue and distraction using driver facing sensors.

Sensors inside the vehicle measure eyelid closure, blink rate and head position of the driver to detect micro sleeps and driver inattention. A fatigue or distraction event triggers an audio tone, vibrates the seat and the event is transmitted to the Guardian 24-hour monitoring centre.

An extensive trial of Guardian technology was carried out in Kalari’s Iluka fleet in 2015, which received positive feedback from the customer and the drivers.

General Manager Safety Damian Bassett said: “Guardian technology is a proactive line of defence against distraction and fatigue. It alerts the driver immediately if their attention is away from the task of monitoring road conditions ahead, and they appreciate that extra protection. Between this, the education they receive from Dr Trent Watson and the documented steps in the Fatigue Charter we have multiple and coordinated fatigue controls in place.”

Kalari is proud to have been recognised at the annual Australian Freight Industry Awards, hosted by the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) on 3 September 2016, being presented with the Best Practice Safety Award. VTA CEO Peter Anderson presented the award along with Brendan Hopley, and the Hon Luke Donnellan, Victorian Minister for Roads, Road Safety and Ports.

Kalari Managing Director Peter O’Shannessy said: “Combined with a culture of shared action and fatigue awareness at all levels, the Guardian technology gives us the opportunity to eliminate heavy vehicle incidents as a result of driver fatigue.”