Qube Purchase Announcement

Qube has announced that it has acquired Kalari Proprietary Limited from Swire Investments (Australia) Ltd. This acquisition will enhance Qube’s existing resources logistics offering.
Kalari is a leading logistics provider to the Australian mining and resources industry, specialising in on road and remote bulk haulage through a fleet of predominantly performance based standards (PBS) vehicles, materials handling and supply chain optimisation.
Kalari currently services a range of Tier 1 customers with significant mining operations, predominantly across Queensland and South Australia.
Mr Digney said Kalari’s operations are complementary with Qube’s existing bulk mine to market and mine resupply operations and the acquisition offers a number of synergies, as well as an opportunity for Qube to strengthen the Kalari offering through its rail and port infrastructure.
“Kalari is a natural fit for our business, providing us with an excellent opportunity to expand our inbound mine resupply services, and opening new markets and regions for Qube, including in future focused critical minerals.
“For over 45 years, Kalari has established and maintained a strong customer base and built a high performing team with a strong culture and similar values to Qube. I am delighted to welcome this trusted and respected team in the mining services industry to the Qube family,” Mr Digney said.
Kalari Managing Director, Peter O’Shannessy, said he was confident Kalari’s track record of success would continue under Qube’s ownership.
“I am very pleased for our people and our customers that we’ve been able to reach an agreement for Qube to acquire Kalari and I am confident that the business will make a significant contribution to the ongoing success of Qube.”
The initial focus will be to work with the management team to ensure the same high level of service continues for Kalari’s valued customers and to progress new opportunities.

About Kalari

Moving more for less

We have spent 45 years becoming very good at one thing…
helping our customers find smarter and safer ways to move more with less.

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Play our part with pride in building the future

– we do so with integrity, humility, endeavour, excellence, and continuity.

If you drive a car or catch public transport, live in a house, go to school or visit a hospital, if you use a computer or a mobile phone – the minerals and metals, chemicals and products we lift, shift, store and move are the building blocks for the goods, services and assets we all use every day.

We work side by side with our clients, throughout their value chain to continue to meet the demands of the world’s growing and urbanising populations.


To be the smartest and safest contract logistics provider to the Australian mining and resources industry

– through an unwavering commitment to create more value for our customers by increasing productivity and reducing waste so our customers can do more with less.


To deliver our clients more for less

– we work with our clients every step of the way to drive efficiencies across their entire value chain.

Why? Because only then can our clients weather the storms of commodity market fluctuations, meet the demands of their export markets and secure new markets to scale for growth.

Our Values

These values define our corporate culture and serve as the compass that guides Kalari on how we run our business and treat people.


We are ethical and honest, we deliver on commitments and we create trusting relationships.


We relish challenge, we are resilliant and we know lasting success is hard won and nurtured with solid, responsible hard work.


We are dedicated to innovation and excellence in everything we do.


We respect others and learn from them, we are aware of our own limitations and we listen to others with an open mind.


We take the long term view, and have the privilege and responsibility of growing our businesses along sustainable lines.


Kalari has always been at the forefront of innovations in Australian contract logistics – the first to introduce specialist vehicles to many of the routes we operate on.

Our Team works closely with the communities, councils and authorities right across regional Australia to ensure our vehicles are the most productive and safest – on or off the road.

Innovation continues to set us apart. Whether it’s our industry-leading High Productivity Vehicles, advanced Customer Portals, GPS tracking systems, data analytics solutions across your supply chain or performance tools to measure, monitor and improve every movement – Kalari is synonymous with moving more for less.

We know transporting raw materials and commodities is one of your biggest operational costs. After 45 years in the business, we’ve learned a few things about delivering value.

At Kalari, we deliver you greater productivity with less waste so you can move more with less.

MORE assetproductivityprecisionmaterial movedvisibiliy

LESS carboncostwastetruck movements


Zero Harm is not simply a target at Kalari.

Whether we are on road or off, maintaining or driving a vehicle, a direct employee, or a contractor – no matter who we are, where we are, or what we are doing…a mindset of Zero Harm underpins everything we do.

Our belief in Zero Harm is the core of all our operations to remain the smartest and safest contract logistics provider in the mining and resources industry.

We invest in Our People so every contract directly benefits from the experience, training and long-term tenure of our employees and the high-compliance and safe culture which sustains our customer requirements. Our training and competency assessments are some of the toughest in the country.

To sustain above industry standard safety results, our people are supported by full NHVR accreditation and ISO 9001 compliance that keeps them safe; a safety-first culture that encourages free speaking on safety issues; strong field leadership; and a very active recognition and reward program for teams and individuals that recognises exceptional dedication and leadership to improve workplace safety and achieve zero harm.

From Guardian systems that monitor fatigue, In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) in all fleet, internal and external cab cameras, Kalari drivers and vehicles have the latest systems and tools on board to control health, safety and environmental risks.


No square pegs in round holes at Kalari – all resource logistics requirements are unique, which is why we customise the optimal solution to meet your operational needs.

Our Service Teams are relentless in their approach to find you the smartest and safest way of operationalising your asset. We are with you every step of the way so you can meet the demands of your export market, secure new markets to scale for growth, open up or extend the life of your asset.

We work collaboratively with customers big and small, at every stage of the project life cycle, from project conception to safety and resource management planning through to full optimisation of your logistics requirements from pit to port.

Don’t see a Kalari truck or depot in your area?

Simply, Kalari is wherever you need us to be. We deploy our people, equipment and vehicles across sites nationally so you have the right solution for every job.

If you miss our distinctive orange and yellow trucks on-road, you will find us off-road servicing hundreds of mining and industrial sites across the country.

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In the early stages of mine site feasibility?

Small to medium mine operator or first-time project owner? We provide specialist support to negotiate all those fiddly, complex logistics approvals with councils and authorities to get your project moving.

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