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Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, mental illness in Australia was still the biggest cause of disability. One in five Australians experience some form of mental illness every year and 60 percent don’t seek help.

Just as early responders provide first aid in the event of an accident, mental health first aid provides the first response to someone struggling with mental health issues. The signs can be easy to miss, which is why Kalari has been rolling out Mental Health First Aid training right around Australia.

Mental Health First Aid Australia’s training course educates first aiders how to recognise the signs of mental health problems early. The program guides people away from trying to diagnose mental health problems. Instead, the training teaches people how to offer initial support until appropriate professional health is received or until the crisis resolves.

The first to receive training were Kalari’s Project Managers in each contract, as well as Contact Officers in each region. Contact Officers, are in place in each region as a safe-haven of guidance beyond a direct line-manager and are also trained to understand workplace rights in relation to discrimination, bullying and workplace harassment. Once trained in mental health first aid, the Project Managers and Contact Officers are able to provide support to colleagues in the workplace who may be experiencing a variety of mental health issues .

Do you need help?

You are not alone. Kalari has trained Mental Health First Aiders in each of our depots so there are people trained in starting conversations about mental health. In addition to seeking the medical support of your GP, there are further resources and support available.