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Moving more with less.

We know transporting raw materials and commodities is one of your biggest operational costs. After 45 years in the business, we’ve learned a few things about delivering value. At Kalari, we deliver you greater productivity with less waste so you can move more with less.

Customised Contract Logistics

No square pegs in round holes at Kalari – all resource logistics requirements are unique which is why we customise the optimal solution to meet your operational needs.

Our Service Teams are relentless in their approach to find you the smartest and safest way of operationalising your asset. We are with you every step of the way so you can meet the demands of your export market, secure new markets to scale for growth, open up or extend the life of your asset.

We work collaboratively with customers big and small, at every stage of the asset life-cycle. From project conception to safety and resource management planning through to full optimisation of your logistics requirements from pit to port.

Don’t see a Kalari truck or depot in your area? Simply, Kalari is wherever you need us to be. We deploy our people, equipment and vehicles across sites nationally so you have the right solution for every job.

If you miss our distinctive orange and yellow trucks on-road, you will find us off-road servicing hundreds of mining and industrial sites across the country.

On-Road Bulk Haulage

Here for the long haul…or the short…we have your on-road bulk haulage covered

Kalari has always led the field of high productivity vehicle innovation. We bring an enormous fleet of multi-combination Performance Based Standards tankers, pneumatic tanks, prime movers and trailers so no matter where you are in Australia you are guaranteed the highest payload, highest volume and most efficient haul.

Need to make the most of your return journey? Multi-modal high productivity trucks are our specialty. We are one of very few logistics companies servicing the resources industries with true inter-modal solutions across multiple commodities.

At Kalari, we have on-road haulage experience across all commodities including mineral sands, Copper, Cement, Lime and Reagents, and Coal. We are a leading provider of bulk transport of bulk liquids and dangerous goods including Ammonium Nitrate, Uranium and Reagents, caustic soda, sulphuric acid, aluminium sulphate and peroxide.

Benefits of Kalari’s On-Road Haulage Solutions

  • Tailored to your operation
  • High productivity vehicles for greater productivity
  • Fewer on-road movements
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Close relationships with the communities in which we operate
  • Optimised haulage routes
  • Real-time journey management
  • High-compliance and safe culture

Off-Road Bulk Haulage

We specialise in bulk off-road haulage including servicing difficult in-mine haulage, road maintenance and run-of-mine materials handling.

Our expertise is supported by a large national fleet of specialised and dedicated equipment that provide inbound-outbound solutions for complex high-volume mining tasks.

We operate a national fleet of off-road trucks with payloads of up to 125 tonnes, that are purpose-developed for your products.

We work very closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure our equipment is suitable for all off-road applications and operates within the maximum potential mass limitations.

Benefits of Kalari’s Off-Road Haulage Solutions.

  • Tailored to your operation so you can move more for less
  • High productivity vehicles for greater productivity
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Close relationships with the communities in which we operate
  • Customer Portal for full product visibility location and volume
  • Real-time journey management
  • High-compliance and safe culture

Materials Handling

Whether you are moving your Run of Mine, storing waste, stockpiling material for just in time manufacturing or processing, or need intermodal handling from mine to market – Kalari brings you safer and smarter ways for you to move more with less.

All resource logistics requirements are unique which is why we customise the optimal solution to meet your operational needs.

Storing and handling dangerous goods – It’s risky business without the systems and processes in place to expertly manage compliance and control and mitigate the environmental, safety and quality risks. We hold licenses to transport, store and handle dangerous goods including ammonium nitrate and radioactive materials.

Crushing and Screening – Precision processing requires the right crushing and screening equipment for your material handling. Experienced across multiple raw materials, Kalari makes sure you maximise output and efficiency with greater precision and less downtime.

Stockpile & ROM Management – We are experienced in managing on-site layouts, stability, dimensions and material flow and timeframes for storing and stockpiling materials. We bring inventory management systems and processes for minimising loss, dilution, and degradation. We regularly stockpile materials near ports for our customers including iron ore and coal.

Intermodal Handling – Sending by rail or need ship loading? Kalari will find the safest and smartest solution and customise your multi-modal or inter-modal solution to move more of your product for less.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Are you looking to streamline your mine-to-market operations? Kalari brings an integrated approach to logistics throughout the supply chain – from mine to market. We work with you to assess, evaluate and optimise your logistics so your operations are lean and eliminate waste throughout the supply chain.

We have a responsibility to bring everything to the table to make bulk logistics lean and efficient so our customers can remain globally competitive.

At Kalari we are at the cutting edge of pit-to-port optimisation working with our customers, Swire Group and our partners within the supply chain to harness smart data analytics, real-time data and machine learning to optimise services along the value chain.

Owned by Swire, Kalari and our sister company HSE Mining are together one of the largest providers of bulk logistics and mining services across the mining, logistics and industrial sectors.

Swire is a diversified group with interests including property, aviation, agribusiness and food chain, marine services, trading and industrial. Other companies in the Swire stable include Swire Shipping and Swire Bulk – the world’s largest supplier of specialist offshore cargo carrying units.

From clean energy and renewables, agricultural products, to vital commodities, minerals and ore, Kalari and our Swire Group companies present innovative solutions for all your bulk logistics from pit to port, mine to market – talk to us to start optimising your supply chain solutions end-to-end.

Feasibility stage, out-of-pit, on or off-road haulage, dangerous goods or pit-to-port supply chain optimisation?

No matter where you are in your project life-cycle, Kalari has the right team and fleet for the job.

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